VIP Security

NowForce enabled VRMG to provide a smooth, secure visitor experience for the VIPs attending the games. Any issue we had was dealt with by NowForce in a serious and most helpful, dedicated way. We were very satisfied with the solution and we will look to NowForce for future event security engagements. One of the ways that the solution went beyond our expectations was that it gave us the ability to control our security personnel and send information and images instantly to all our teams.

Shai Slagter, VRMG

VIP Security

The Organization

Visão Risk Management Group (VRMG) is a market leader in providing innovative and cost-effect risk management solutions and security services, with the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of its clients. Since the company’s inception in 1995 in Russia, it has grown its operations globally, with a reputation of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity. Today VRMG is known for its practical expertise as well as its ability to achieve results in erratic environments. VRMG focuses on providing its solutions and services to Russian and international clients from diverse business industries such as oil and gas, banking, automotive, and travel, among others.


The Situation

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012, was the 14th European Championship for national football teams organized by the Union of European Football Associations, held in the summer of 2012. Over 1.5 million fans attended the games, which took place in eight host cities in Poland and in the Ukraine. One of the games’ sponsors turned to VRMG to provide VIP security for its 8,000 guests.


The Challenge:

Event security systems

Although VRMG has its own control room, it needed to set up ad hoc command centers in Kiev and Warsaw, the two main host cities, from which to dispatch its security guards in case of an incident. The security team needed cost-effective, on-demand event security systems that worked in both countries and enabled the most efficient way to dispatch dozens of security personnel working the event. Following a search for an appropriate solution and based on recommendations VRMG chose the NowForce Emergency Response™ solution due to its ability to work over any cellular network.


The Solution:

Emergency communication center

The NowForce team worked with VRMG’s security team to set up two ad hoc dispatch centers, both of which were operational in under a day. Security personnel had the NowForce Mobile Responder app installed on their smart phones, and the command centers used the NowForce web-based dispatch module. Training on the system was minimal; VRMG security personnel intuitively understood how to work with the apps and were able to focus on protecting the VIPs attending the games. Each emergency communication center was manned around the clock, answering calls from the VIP guests regarding any issue on which assistance was required, be it security, medical, concierge or other services. Whenever a call came in requiring security assistance, the center dispatched the closest and most available responder.

Following the final game on July 1 (in which Spain bested Italy 4-0), the command centers were dismantled with zero effort and all guests returned home following a smooth, secure visitor experience.



  • Ability to work in different countries simultaneously due to the cellular solution
  • Enhanced communications between all security personnel and the command centers
  • Reduced response time for security personnel to arrive on-scene
  • Affordable, on-demand system enabling overall cost savings
  • Operational in under a day
  • Enhance safeguards for specific areas

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