security incident management

Moked Teva is critical to ensuring the safety and security of all hikers and tour groups in Israel. With NowForce Personal Safety, when a hiker is in distress, we can eliminate the difficult task of ‘search’ and focus only on the ‘rescue.’ Our response times to incidents have improved significantly.

Amichai Blut, Director of Moked Teva

Security Incident Management

The Organization

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Israel’s leading environmental non-profit organization, is dedicated to protecting and preserving Israel’s natural resources, environment, natural assets and unique landscape. In addition to its environmental work, SPNI operates a hotline and control center, called Moked Teva, to ensure the safety and security of hikers, tourist groups, school groups, and others while in the field, anywhere in Israel.


The Situation

Moked Teva is operational 24/7, fielding calls on trip coordination and route safety, and monitoring status reports from the field. The hotline is in direct contact with search and rescue officials, security personnel and safety and wildlife authorities. Taglit-Birthright, The Jewish Agency, and dozens of educational bodies and tour operators rely on Moked Teva as their security “command and control center” for tens of thousands of field trips every year.


The Challenge

Moked Teva was seeking a way to monitor the safety and security of their groups in the field in real-time, as well as way to transmit critical information to those groups. In the event of an evolving security situation or hazardous weather, the control center needs to survey each group and ascertain its whereabouts and safety. Likewise, tour guides, medics and security guards or other staff that accompany the groups also needed a way to communicate their exact location and status when a search and rescue operation was deemed necessary for medical, security or safety purposes. Finally, by providing data and analysis on field trips, Moked Teva would be supplying enable the security and operations liaisons of its customers with a valuable resource planning tool.


After searching for a solution and testing out the NowForce Personal Safety™ solution on a pilot basis, Moked Teva chose to offer the system to all of its groups.


The Solution:

Mobile safety apps

The NowForce team worked with Moked Teva’s security officers, customer service and IT departments to create a mobile solution that enabled the hotline to offer its customers online security and safety monitoring for their groups in the field. Using a combination of the NowForce Mobile Reporter app, tracking devices  and an incident management module to monitor and log events in the hotline’s command center, Moked Teva and its customers are able to immediately respond to incoming distress calls and transmit critical information to its groups. The system works seamlessly with Moked Teva’s existing CRM software while adding crucial mobile and GIS elements.


The one-click SOS notification instantly triggers a distress signal at the command center with all of the relevant information: caller profile, contact information and exact location based on GPS coordinates. Moked Teva can then contact the relevant authorities and ensure a rescue team is dispatched. Moked Teva maintains a constant visual connection with the caller and response team. As situations develop, messages may be sent to update all groups. The mobile safety apps work seamlessly with Moked Teva’s existing CRM software while adding crucial mobile and GIS elements.


The Benefits

  • Immediate reporting of incidents & responder deployment
  • Complete visibility of all distress calls, responses & resources
  • Enhanced, two-way communications between all parties
  • One-click hazard alerts
  • Configurable to each organization’s specific security protocols and priorities.
  • Aggregate statistics to help with resource & safety planning

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