Personal safety app connects users directly to Campus Security personnel, allowing for faster response times and a safer campus

KEENE, TX – Southwestern Adventist University Campus Security announced today that the new personal safety app is now available (for free) for all Southwestern Adventist University students, faculty, administrators and staff. The app is designed to help campus security minimize response times during both emergency and routine security/safety situations.


Developed by NowForce, a maker of mobile and cloud-based rapid emergency response solutions, the SWAU personal safety app contains an SOS (panic) button and the ability to report an incident through a “see something, say something” functionality.


“We’re very excited to provide this technology to our students,” said Sean Amos, Campus Services Director. “The app is like a hand-held, personal emergency phone that connects the caller directly to campus security personnel, so we can send assistance as fast as possible.”


Students can use the app to request escorts or report security incidents, harassment, medical emergencies, fires, alcohol or drug violations, and a host of other issues, she said.

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