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Providers of security and safety services are charged with the weighty responsibility of protecting private citizens in settings as diverse as university campuses, rock concerts, gated communities, hazardous work environments and many other types of locations. In today’s fast-moving world, danger can take many forms. Providers must safeguard those they are charged to protect with a high level of discretion and efficiency.

In order to provide reliable, high levels of protection for organizations and private citizens, security guards and safety personnel must be armed with real-time information on incidents as they happen as well as the ability to dispatch the closest security officer and relevant authorities when needed. Incident reporting software and apps for members of the community can play a vital role in staying connected and protected.

Emergency dispatch center – pinpointing the location of someone in distress

The NowForce security dispatch system enables organizations charged with the safety and security of individuals to pinpoint the exact location of a caller in distress. A one-finger swipe on the caller’s cell phone can serve as a direct lifeline to a specific emergency dispatch center. Depending on the needs of the individuals requiring protection, organizations and individuals may opt to transmit their distress signals in silent or regular mode.

Monitor the whereabouts of personnel or groups in the field, VIPs, and other assets

Monitor the whereabouts of your personnel or assets, wherever they are, via a tracking function. In an emergency situation, NowForce enables the security dispatch center to maintain a constant visual connection with the caller until the appropriate resources can arrive at the scene.

Have community members serve as your “eyes and ears”

With NowForce, users connected to your organization can report medical emergencies, criminal or suspicious activity, hazardous situations and security breaches via their cell phones. Callers can also upload images and other critical information, giving the command center full visibility until official responders can arrive.

Enhanced safeguards for specific areas

NowForce provides a geo-fencing feature, enabling the command center to highlight a specific area – a safe zone or a hazardous region – into which personnel may or may not enter. Both the command center and the user will be notified.

Event security systems – ideal for one-time events

NowForce event security systems are easy to use and can be configured in less than a day, making them an ideal solution for special events. NowForce runs on users’ existing cell phones and via a simple web browser; no additional hardware or software is necessary. Pricing is calculated on a monthly basis, per user, making the system affordable for one-time events.

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