Police Dispatching

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Today’s police departments face new challenges in a complicated world. Funding is scarce, technology is constantly evolving and responses to incidents involving issues such as homeland security and cyber-crime must be closely coordinated. Despite the increased complexity of their jobs, law enforcement officers are still expected to provide maximum protection for all citizens.

In order to protect the public and respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies, police and sheriff’s departments must be armed with information on crimes/incidents as they happen as well as the sophisticated tools to deal with them. A cutting-edge police dispatching and mobile response platform will improve response time, optimize incident management, and improve outcomes.

NowForce’s law enforcement app and incident management platform enable agencies to closely track unfolding events, allocate resources and share information within and between agencies in real-time.

Law enforcement app to cut down response times

NowForce helps your agency dispatch the optimal responder – based on proximity, availability and experience – to the scene, and provides automatic tracking of responders as they are en-route to the scene.

Improve situational awareness and the quality of information coming in from the field

NowForce enables officers to upload images and other critical information once they’re on scene, providing full visibility of the incident to your command center and other responders. Officers can request additional resources via the intuitive interface of the NowForce mobile app.

Utilize every available responder when the situation warrants

With NowForce, even officers who are off-duty or away from their vehicles can be located and dispatched to an incident via their cell phones. Anyone off-duty will appear as an “anonymous” responder, however if they are in the vicinity of an incident they’ll see the alert. The command center will only see the identity of the responder once he/she has accepted the assignment.

Expand and enhance communications within your organization

NowForce syncs all users in your agency via their cell phones and other devices. Two-way messaging between dispatchers and responders is enabled via data transmissions, freeing up voice channels for the most critical communications.

Incident management software to optimize agency performance

NowForce automates routine tasks, allowing your officers to focus on what really matters – the situation. With built-in business intelligence for post-incident analysis, agencies can monitor officer performance, log sequences of incidents, and analyze response statistics through incident management software which helps your law enforcement organization steadily improve and upgrade its performance.

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