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Fire & rescue departments face unique challenges: rising call volumes, limited manpower, tighter budgets, and, in many places, reliance on volunteers who must balance their fire service with the demands of full-time jobs and family commitments. Departments everywhere are confronted with the challenges of providing the best possible response to their constituents with fewer resources than ever before. With all of these challenges, the modern fire department must have the right tools in place to ensure that they are providing their responders – and the citizens that rely on their response – with the highest probability of success.

Minimize fire department response time and maximize effectiveness of response

Utilizing firefighters’ existing smartphones, NowForce keeps dispatchers and chiefs connected with their responders to locate and dispatch the nearest available responder.

Firefighter app to increase situational awareness

Improve your department’s situational awareness and quality of information coming in from the field. NowForce’s firefighter app and emergency dispatch software enables dispatchers to see every potential responder on a map, even those who are off-duty (shown as anonymous responders unless they accept an incident). Once on scene, firefighters can use their smartphones as handheld mobile data terminals, uploading images, critical information, and requests for more resources, so that the command center has full visibility.

Expand and enhance communications within your organization

NowForce syncs all users in your emergency network via their cell phones and other devices. Two-way messaging between dispatchers and responders is enabled via data transmissions, freeing up voice channels for the most critical communications.

Emergency dispatch software affordable for departments of any size

Requiring no additional hardware or software, NowForce runs on firefighters’ existing cell phones. Dispatching is conducted through either NowForce’s web-based interface or the department’s existing dispatch software. Pricing is based on the number of users, making the system affordable for smaller departments while giving them the tools currently available to best-funded departments in the country. To learn more about NowForce solutions and our promotional packages for small fire departments, Contact Us.

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