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Emergency medical service (EMS) responders are consistently racing “against the clock” to arrive before it’s too late, and to be in top form once they’re on-scene. Working in a high-stress, continuously changing environment presents a unique set of challenges, requiring responders to think on their feet while providing care tailored to each patient. EMS responders must deal with a variety of medical situations at varying levels of severity and have plans in place to manage everything from playground falls to large-scale catastrophes. In addition, EMS organizations must ensure that responders are in compliance with patient privacy regulations and agency/governmental reporting requirements. In this type of environment, rapid EMS dispatch with an accurate picture of nearby, available resources (responders and equipment) is vital, as is the ability to share critical patient information.

Minimize EMS response time – help save lives

NowForce dispatches the optimal responder (based on proximity, availability, experience), which vastly reduces EMS response time and improves patient outcome. Organizations stay connected to their EMTs and paramedics, even when off-duty, while fully respecting their privacy, thereby locating the nearest possible responder to any incident. NowForce also directs responders to the scene of an incident with turn-by-turn instructions without having to open an additional navigation app.

Optimize incident management and resource allocation

NowForce automates routine tasks, allowing your EMTs and paramedics to focus on what really matters – the patient. Once on scene, responders can use the first responder app on their smartphones to upload images, critical information, and requests for more resources, providing the dispatch center with full visibility.

Expand and enhance communications within your organization

NowForce has the ability to sync all emergency medical personnel in the organizational network via their cell phones and other. Two-way messaging between dispatchers and responders is enabled via data transmissions, freeing up voice channels for the most critical communications.

Enhance the caliber of your volunteer corps with additional medical professionals

Upgrade the volunteer recruiting capabilities of your organization by offering highly qualified potential EMS responders (physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants and other medical specialists) the option of joining your organization as a ‘Special Situation Volunteer’ stipulating their availability preferences and the specific types of emergencies to which they would be dispatched.

Become a better response agency

NowForce’s built-in business intelligence enables post-incident analyses, including sequence logs as well as aggregate statistics on responder performance, types of incidents, and other parameters, allowing your organization to constantly improve performance.

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