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Empowering students to be proactive about campus safety

NowForce offers free personal safety apps for campuses, designed to help campus safety authorities prevent incidents and minimize response times. Functioning as a personal blue-light phone, our campus safety app enables students and faculty to send distress signals or report threats, hazards or medical emergencies directly to campus safety personnel. As SOS calls and other alerts come in from members of the campus community, NowForce helps turn the information into actionable tasks for campus safety personnel, so they can act faster and ensure the safety, security and well-being of the entire campus.

Send an immediate distress signal when in danger – free

Automatically connect with campus safety by swiping the SOS button when you’re in a distress situation. Campus safety will be notified of the caller’s ID and exact location. Students may also elect to have a list of emergency contacts who are notified. The distress signal can be transmitted in silent or in regular mode, or simply by opening the campus safety app (if desired).

see something say something

See something, say something – free

Via the campus safety app, let authorities know when, where and what kind of help is needed, whether you’re reporting a crime, hazard, medical emergency or simply requesting an escort. Add details, pictures and a live video stream to give campus safety personnel or other first responders advance info before they arrive on scene. Reports of potential threats or crime tips may also be made anonymously.

Optional integration with CAD and response tools

All SOS and incident reports from the campus safety app are sent directly to the campus safety dispatch system (either our web-based dispatcher or an existing CAD system). No installation or hardware is necessary. Campuses without a 24/7 answering point can have alerts sent directly to campus safety personnel. Our mobile responder app serves as a “mobile data terminal on a smartphone,” enabling auto-dispatching, blue-force tracking, and faster response.minimize incident response times - CAD & responder

Any campus, any size

Colleges and universities of every stripe and size are using NowForce’s campus safety app to keep their campuses safer. We provide training for your campus safety personnel, a customized marketing package to engage your students, and records management to help with Clery reporting. As no installation or hardware is necessary, we can have your mobile campus safety solution up and running in a matter of days! Book a free one-on-one webinar tailored for your campus now.

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