During an emergency, a smartphone located in more then 1,000 education institutions sends a distress signal and live video streaming to the municipality security command center. Nearby Security offices are automatically dispatched to handle the situation.


Tel Aviv municipality launched an innovative technology project- implementing a panic button app in most education institutions, connecting them to the city’s security command center.


More the 1,000 preschools, elementary and high schools are already using the new system. Tel-Aviv is the first municipality to implement this kind of innovative solution.


The panic button app is installed on a smartphone that is pinned to the wall in every institution. When an emergency situation occurs, the app sends a signal to the command center with all the details – identity, location, live video from the scene, allowing dispatchers to respond to the incident in real time. Security forces are simultaneously dispatched by a special responder app to the scene.


Thanks to the Dispatcher software installed in the city command center, all incidents, resources and forces are available for review and control via a detailed map. all the incident details are available, allowing the control room officers get real situational awareness, managing the incidents and the relevant resources, while automatically dispatching the right responders directly to the location, and allowing full debriefing and review of all incident details in retrospective.


The system dispatches the closest most suitable responder on field and provide turn-by-turn navigation to the incident’s location.


Chanan Peretz, head of security in Tel Aviv city said today: “we are looking for innovative solutions on a day to day basis, that help us improve our response time and service level for our citizens, to maximize their sense of secure and minimize escalation in emergency events, especially in regards to the safety of our children.


Emergency in our institutes can mean terror threat or missile alert but also a kid who’s feeling sick, a stray animal or a suspicious person nearby. NowForec’s technology allows us a real-time direct connection to the events on scene, with audio, video and response tools we didn’t have until now.
This new solution is adding to several new technologies we have adopted as a part of our smart city vision”.


NowForce offers comprehensive emergency response solutions for campus security, private security, and public safety organizations, enabling reduced response times, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications. NowForce’s end-to-end solution closes the loop surrounding emergency response by giving citizens the tools to directly contact the command center and by giving the command center the tools to dispatch the closest, most qualified responders. Our solution includes personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch (CAD), and mobile response tools.