Ensuring greater public safety is now easier with Smart’s SOS Dispatch system.

Natural and man-made disasters can strike without warning, disrupting businesses and social life in an instant. In the last few decades, worldwide losses from disasters have quadrupled from an annual average of USD50 billion in the 1980s to almost USD200 billion per year.  In response, local governments around the world are constantly upgrading their safety, rescue, and recovery efforts. The London Fire Brigade, for example, has adopted an Uber-like system that gives firefighters access to precise data, including addresses, leading to faster response times.

In the Philippines, the national government has readily adopted technology to bolster its own coordinated disaster preparedness and management programs. These include such initiatives as the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (Project NOAH) and the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill – all powered by digital tools including social media, analytics, and mobility.


Quick, Systematic Response

To help government disaster preparation efforts, Smart introduces the SOS Dispatch system that manages every incident from start to finish. This digital, end-to-end public safety and emergency response system is designed to efficiently record, dispatch, and monitor incidents in real time.

As part of the comprehensive Public Safety and Emergency Response (PSER) solution, the system works seamlessly with the PLDT Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

Emergency calls to the government’s 911 hotline are instantly redirected to Manila-based agents in Luzon, or to the nearest regional centers in the Visayas and Mindanao. In addition, these calls can be redirected locally in local government units (LGUs) that use CCaaS. The PSER Command and Control Center tool collects all details regarding the specific incident. Dispatchers then send these to first responders through a special mobile application. The dedicated app also delivers push notifications, and features Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication.

With a centralized data gathering system, SOS Dispatch ensures that everyone involved in an emergency stays connected. It is an unprecedented combination for modern disaster response: greater access to information, enabled dispatchers and first responders actively monitoring activities and performance metrics, as well immediate feedback to citizens. All these can help save precious time and more lives.


Saving What Matters

This streamlined and comprehensive emergency response system provides real-time, on-the-ground information that is absolutely crucial in any crisis. Aside from LGUs, SOS Dispatch can also be used by residential communities, educational institutions, and enterprises.

Resources, especially time and information, are of utmost value in any emergency situation. And with innovations such as the SOS Dispatch system, data gathering and emergency response are now more efficient than ever. This empowers communities to better prepare for, coordinate, and act in times of crisis, saving more lives and futures – the ultimate metrics to consider in any emergency.


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