We thought of using no apps at all, but when we were introduced to NowForce, we found the whole approach and system extremely useful. Dealing with NowForce has been a pleasant and rewarding experience from end-to-end.

Rajiv Mathur, CEO, ASAS Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Security and personal safety

The Organization

One Touch Emergency Response (OTER) is a service from ASAS Security Solutions Private Limited, based in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, which includes Delhi and adjacent urban areas. The organization offers timely response to people in emergency situations. OTER specializes in security and personal safety, home safety, prevention and protection solutions for both critical and minor emergencies.

OTER provides its clients with response services for both major and minor emergencies, wherever they are in the NCR region, at any time of day. A Command and Control Centre (C3) takes charge of all incident coordination, dispatching one or more of OTER’s first response teams and/or connecting all of the relevant agencies to handle the situation, as needed. Each team consists of two skilled responders, professionally trained in first aid, evacuation, fire safety, unarmed combat, women’s personal safety management and situation management.


The Challenge

Before launching OTER to its customers, the organization sought a proven, turnkey solution to serve as its technology backbone. OTER had several requirements. It needed a simple-to-use personal safety app for customers, a comprehensive incident management system for its command center, and a way to locate and dispatch its first response teams. Quick response times and effective crisis management are key tenets of OTER’s mission, and the company considered a number of options that would enable it to deliver on these promises.


The Solution

Once OTER heard about NowForce’s Complete Emergency Reporting and Response™ solution, the team quickly understood that NowForce could provide the various system components required to operate its service. NowForce assisted OTER in setting up the necessary organizational structure within the NowForce Dispatcher™ software, which included creating different roles for the first response teams, setting specific rules and protocols according to incident type, specifying the zones for OTER’s first response teams and more.

NowForce’s customer care team also spent time training the administrators and dispatchers working within the OTER command center (Emergency Response Desk). Depending on the nature of the emergency, the command center will dispatch a first response team, and may also coordinate with relevant agencies, such as fire and ambulance services, hospitals, gas companies and more.

Approximately half of the people using OTER’s service connect to the Emergency Response Desk via the NowForce SOS™ app, though Rajiv Mathur, CEO of OTER’s parent company, expects this percentage to grow. (Other customers simply dial the OTER phone number). The advantage of using the Reporter app is that the command center immediately pinpoints the caller’s location. A large percentage of the calls OTER receive are related to road accidents; in these cases an OTER first response team is dispatched immediately via the NowForce Responder™ app, while the command center coordinates with other necessary agencies.

OTER’s response teams work in pairs, in eight-hour shifts, covering 110 different locations within the National Capital Region. Given the size of the region, not to mention difficult traffic conditions, OTER’s 11 minute average response time is a remarkable achievement.


What OTER Customers Say:

“I am indebted to the One Touch team for reaching the venue on time. Coordination with the government agencies, especially the fire brigade was spot on…Emergency never knocks the door before coming, It happens suddenly and you have no time to act and respond. In such situations, I highly recommend One Touch for its professional and timely approach.” – Jitendra Singh

“One evening I noticed two men giving me very uncomfortable stares and starting to follow me. I opened the application and swiped. I was immediately connected with the Control Centre…A response team was on the scene in minutes, and escorted me to my apartment gate…I was relieved that I was home safe, and thrilled with the service and response that I received. I feel that it is a great step forward towards women’s safety in India.” – Preeti Kapoor


The Benefits

  • Reduces response times to incidents
  • User-friendly SOS button immediately signals the Emergency Assist Desk
  • Full situational awareness and tracking of caller and response team
  • One-click incident acceptance & navigation
  • Relevant incident information delivered directly to the first response team

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