About NowForce

Day in, day out, lives are being saved around the world by first responders using NowForce.

Emergency response solutions

NowForce was created to keep emergency response and security organizations connected, thereby minimizing response times and maximizing situational awareness. Running on users’ existing phones, NowForce’s emergency response solutions enable organizations to:

  • Dispatch the optimal responder – based on proximity, availability and experience – to the scene.
  • Improve situational awareness by seeing the whereabouts of every potential responder, as well as all relevant geographical information and the location of life-saving equipment and other resources
  • Sync all users in an emergency network via their cell phones.
  • Keep first responders connected via their smartphones – even when off-duty or away from their vehicles – while fully respecting privacy.
  • Automate routine tasks so the response team can focus on what really matters.
  • Give the people they protect a direct lifeline to a specific dispatch center, ensuring an immediate response to any emergency.
  • Enhance accountability with comprehensive post-incident analyses.

All NowForce solutions can be used as stand-alone solutions or seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of existing dispatch systems. Affordable for agencies of any size, NowForce solutions are available either via the secured cloud or as an on-site installation.

Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Israel, NowForce’s expanding global presence includes an office in Washington, DC and representatives around the world.